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Laura's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That I Would Like to See on Gargoyles

  1. Demona NOT kill anything that moves.
  2. Someone protest that the statues of the gargoyles were never paid for
  3. Someone notice that Elisa keeps going into a utility closet with stairs.
  4. Someone take a picture of the gargoyles
  5. An episode where their is a new enemy and not someone from the 10th century
  6. Someone to realize that now Matt is going up into a utility closet with stairs
  7. Demona act nice
  8. Demona switch to the side of good.
  9. Someone at disney figure out that noone knew Demona was imortal, so as to stop using that as a major plot point!
    and the number one thing I want to see on Gargoyles
  10. Demona and Goliath go out on a date (I don't mean the young Demona and Goliath)

Top Ten Things That I Would Like Someone to Explain to Me!

  1. Why Angela doesn't consider the Magus, Katherine, or Tom, as her parents.
  2. Why exactly they got Kate Mulgrew to play Oberons wife and Fox's mother.
  3. Whether Fox is really the child of the wife of Oberon.
  4. Why the people at Disney thought that after the tenth episode with the Avalon theme, they thought that we would like it.
  5. Why is Demona so dumb all of the sudden(Thalog)
  6. Why havent they brought back Puck sooner!(I know that they probably will in The Gathering)
  7. What is it with Elisa and bullets.
  8. Is Hudson depressed, or does he like to watch info-mercials?
  9. Is everyone who watches this show an X-Files fan?(Nothing against them, hell, I'm one my-self)
    and the number one thing I would like someone to explain to me is:
  10. Why is every second guest voice from one of the Star Trek shows?(Nothing against Star Trek, because I am a fan myself!)

Top ten crossovers I would like to see

  1. Gargoyles and Strange Luck
  2. Gargoyles and Jurassic Park
  3. Gargoyles and X-Men (I am not mental, yet...)
  4. Gargoyles and The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)
  5. Gargoyles and Power Rangers (Lets see them kick morphin butt!!!!)
  6. Gargoyles and Simpsons (Eat my raggish thing.)
  7. Gargoyles and Aladdin (NOW I'm mental!!)
  8. Gargoyles and Anamaniacs (O.K. I can't spell!)
  9. Gargoyles and X-Files
    and the number one crossover
  10. Gargoyles and ANY STAR TREK SHOW!
    They have had,Jonathen Frakes(Willam T. Riker, and David Xanatos), Marina Sirtis(Deanna Troi and Demona), Brent Spiner (Data and Puck), Michal Dorn (Worf, and Coldstone) Colom Meany (O,Brian,and that Irish guy), Nichol Nichols(Uhura, and Mrs.Maza),Kate Mulgrew(Capt.Janway, and Mrs.(Whatever Fox's mom's name is), and maybe a few others.

Top ten things that I think I'm the only one that likes (or dislikes)

  1. LIKE: Anton Sevarius
  2. DON'T LIKE: that head of Cyberbyotics (Whatever the hell his name is!)
  3. LIKE: Tony Dracon
  4. DON'T LIKE: halopenias
  5. LIKE: Shackspeare references
  6. DON'T LIKE: Magus dying
  7. LIKE: magic spells
  8. DON'T LIKE: this stupid Avalon thing!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. DON'T LIKE: Elisa Maza
  10. LIKE: Demona (That speaks for itself.)

Laura Christiansen