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Larry's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Nicknames For Xanatos

  1. "Beardy-man"
  2. "Hey! You with the ponytail!"
  3. "Dave! Dave-a-rino! Dave-a-ruskie! The Dave-meister!"
  4. "Bastard."
  5. "X"
  6. "Monkey boy" (you had to have been there...)
  7. Xanatos with an X, not a Z, but an X" (hmmm... too obscure?)
  8. "David 'Call Me Anything, Just Don't Call Me Late For World Domination' Xanatos"
  9. "Xanatos, Xanatos, bo-Banatos, banana-fana, fe, fi, fo-Fanatos..." (sing along, you know the words)
    and the number one nickname for Xanatos:
  10. "Number One" :)

Top Ten Reasons To Watch "Gargoyles"

  1. It's either that or reruns of "Saved by the Bell"
  2. Dispels the rumors that Johnathan Frakes' career is dead :)
  3. The theme song makes me wanna rock and roll all nite
  4. Two words: Owen Burnett
  5. "Deanna, Demona. Demona, Deanna."
  6. Only place on TV to find buff gargoyle babes in shredded outfits!!!
  7. "Hey pa! Lookit them funny-lookin' flyin' critters!"
  8. Gargoyles, gargoyles, everywhere gargoyles!
  9. Forget Ross and Rachel, let's hear it for Fox and Xanatos
    and the number one reason for watching "Gargoyles":
  10. Allows Disneys to further tighten its grip on the impressionable minds of the North American viewing public

Top Ten Gargoyle Pick-up Lines

  1. "Is that the Phoenix Gate in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"
  2. "Hey, nice tail"
  3. "Remember me? I used to be in Star Trek..."
  4. "I can stay hard all day long" (a tad vulgar, yes, I know, but it's a jungle out there...)
  5. "You know what they say about guys with large wingspans..."
  6. "What's your sign?"
  7. "How'd you like to debut ON Broadway" (I'm a bad, bad man...):)
  8. "This is New York, you could do a lot worse"
  9. "What's a nice stone-by-day-warrior-by-night like you doing in a place like this?"
    and the number one Gargoyle pick-up line:
  10. "They don't call me Goliath for nothing" :)

Top ten Owen pet peeves

  1. Rock itch
  2. When Mr Xanatos accidently calls me "Smithers"
  3. That guy who looks exactly like me only with black hair
  4. The fact that it's only a matter of time before I'm turned into a genetic mutation of some kind
  5. My funky hairstyle :)
  6. People who say I sound a lot like Brooklyn
  7. People who say I sound a lot like the Magus
  8. People who say I sound a lot like Jeff Bennett
  9. The fact that I'd always wanted to be a lumberjack...
    and the number one Owen Burnett pet peeve:
  10. The fact that the show is called "Gargoyles" and not "Owen" - Disney bastards...