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Kya's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Did You Ever Notice...?

  1. Did you ever notice when the gargs are gliding, theit loincloths always go BACK
  2. Did you ever notice the can hover? I thought they Couldn't FLY...
  3. If you ever notice, they can dive down then swoop back up and go higher than their take off point. Without an updraft this does *NOT* happen
  4. Did you ever notice their hair is unmoving in flight
  5. Did you ever notice all the female gargs have perfect, pouting red lips. (I have the face of a utahraptor so ;^)
  6. Did you ever notice in 'The Mirror' Elisa couldn't make up her mind whether or not she was wearing lip-stick
  7. For that matter, where did her shoes and jacket go?
  8. Am I the ONLY one who noticed that Officer Morgan's voice is done by Keith David?
  9. Did you ever notice that all the humans saved by the gargs are still afraid of them (i know, i posted this LAST time)
    and the number one did you ever notice is
  10. Did you ever notice that its always MARGOT and her YUPPIE boyfriend getting saved? Do these ppl have bad luck or WHAT?

Top Ten Titles for Top Ten Lists

  1. Parts of garg eps I hate
  2. Best quotes, moments, ECT
  3. Reasons (name) has it (good/bad)
  4. SOMETHING having to do with anime (i noticed a LOT of Ranma in there ;)
  5. Crossovers
  6. Things (name) will have to give up now that (fill in appropriate event) has happened
  7. Things we want to hear
  8. Things we don't want to see
  9. Things we want to see
    and the number one title is:
  10. THINGS WE WANT TO SEE BUT NEVER WILL! (man did THAT one get old quick!)

Top Ten Things You Better Know if You're Going to the Mini-Clan Chatroom

  1. Avoid Klio like the plague
  2. Necavi enjoys eating spleens
  3. Nummy is a hungry Dog-goyle
  4. Ska is even more hungry
  5. All the dog-goyles pee on the couches
  7. Have a fast computer or come on at 3am
  8. Kill Saber
  9. Don't spam
    and the number one thing you had better know if youre going to the mini clan chatroom
  10. DONT YOU DARE CALL ME SAPPH! IF YOU DO I'LL RIP YER LUNGS OUT!(sapph is my rookery brother. my nickname is either KWS, Phire, or Kya.)

Top Ten Ways to Know You're Addicted to Gargoyles (yeah, I know Lysander already did this one)

  1. You can spout off these lists in no time flat without any previous thought
  2. The figures sucked, but you bought them anyway
  3. You would give up half yer stuff just to have all the eps PLAYED STRAIT THRU, NO COMMERCILS, IN ORDER, IN STEREO!
  4. You've seen EVERY ep (or have memorized summaries of the VERY FEW eps you haven't seen so you at least have SOME knowledge of it)
  5. You've memorized exactly how many Star Trek voices are in Gargoyles, who they play in both, which star trek they're in, which episode they first appeared in on Gargoyles, and can spew forth this information in under 30 seconds (just in case your asked questions about it some day) and I DID that too
  6. You force yourself to memorise pointless trivia about the show just because you want to know
  7. Gargs start to take precedence over your other obsessions (I haven't watched Jurassic park in over a month now!- of course, ive seen it 33 times, yes im counting)
  8. You start the garg portion of your site not having the SLIGHTEST idea of what youre going to put, and all of a sudden you just cant STOP WRITING
  9. You have more friends on the net from garg chatrooms than in school.
    and the number one way to know youre obsessed....
  10. You actually start believing that one day youre going to turn into your garg persona. (i DO believe that, and its SCARING the CRAP outta me)

Top Ten Things that You Can Only "get" and Think are Funny if You're in One of the Clans (theres enough of us that this shouldn't be TOO obscure)

  1. Lysander's gerbil gun
  2. Lysander's PAINT BALL gerbil gun
  3. Legolas' Pillow Cannon
  4. What we did to saber
  5. Meesha
  6. Mommy
  7. KIWI!
  8. Me, Lightning Wolf and. . . was it White Star? and that whole guinnea pig thing....
  9. as the chat reloads, walking with the weirded miniclan, and the rest of our parodies
    and the number one thing that you can only "get" and think are funny if youre in one of the clans
  10. LLAMA!

Is This Gonna be 10? What Anime Characters the Gargs Would be (and what anime series, just in case ppl are wondering)

  1. Demona: Queen Veril (in Japan it was a V not a B so there :^) (sailor moon)
  2. Oberon: Happosai (okay so I CANT spell) "my pretty blue panties!!"(ranma)
  3. Angela: Iria (oh wait, Iria actually WINS the fights she gets into.... ) (IRIA)
  4. Brooklyn: Ranma(Ranma)
  5. The weird sisters: Acannai, Shampoo and Ukio (I pity Brooklyn)(Ranma)
  6. The weird sisters as Belldansy, Urd and Skuld(Oh! (Ah!) My Goddess!)
  7. Sevarius: maybe HE would be Happosai?(Ranma)
  8. Maybe he would be Colonge? (Ranma)
  9. Ophelia: Sailor Jupiter(Sailor Moon)
  10. Thailog: Zeiram(IRIA)
  12. The steel clan: Moose's concealed weapons ;)(Ranma)
  13. Lex would be Kai. (now THERES something to think about if youre a clanner)(IRIA)
  14. Maybe Demona would be Major. . . . (Ghost in the shell)
  15. Whats her name from Ninja Scroll? Well, either the poison resistant chick or the snake chick *remembering the scene where those two met* now THAT was uncalled for. hek, Demona could be every female IN that movie!

Kya White Sapphire