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Kredlash's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See on Gargoyles (in no real order)

  1. The Gargoyles do a MST3K job on Hunchback of Notre Dame (Brooklyn: "What, did you get sawed in half, you miserable excuses for gargoyles?!")
  2. Xanatos gets the sheist beat out of him.
  3. The Gargoyles meet their new dread enemies... CIRCUS CLOWNS!!! AAAGH!!!
  4. Talon gets cast in the next Batman movie. ("I'm Bat-Cat! Um... nevermind.")
  5. George Clooney does a guest appearance as a Gargoyle slayer (or something to that effect)
  6. The Steel Clan is recycled and used as can openers
  7. Coldstone running around in a circle saying "I am the atomic-powered robot! Please give my best wishes to EVERYbody!"
  8. Jackal or Hyena getting a safe dropped on them (they deserve it)
  9. Someone swearing. Let's face it, Xanatos saying Hell is just not good enough.
  10. The cast of Tiny Toons co-stars and gets eaten by Bronx

Top Ten Things We'll Never Hear on Gargoyles (in no real order):

  2. "No, I am NOT a big purple bat."
  3. "God d*** it you stupid mother f****ing son of a b****!!!"
  4. "Goliath, what are you doing! No! Don't let go!
  5. "BOOYAH!"
  6. "Hey Elisa, can I play with this grenade?"
  7. "Oh Goliath.... come to bed..." "HeheheheHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEhehehehehe..."
  8. "Mr. Xanatos, we've been bought out by Disney."
  9. Broadway reads a book he found:"Th... The Joy of... S... E...X... HEY!"
    and the number one thing we'll never hear on Gargoyles...
  10. "Dammit Lex, stop trying to find porn on the Internet!" (hehe, sorry...)