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Kiva's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Elisa Never Changes Her Clothes:

  1. She hasn't really got the time, too busy falling off buildings and all.
  2. Goliath likes that worn look.
  3. Her jacket matches her car.
  4. The animators are too used to it.
  5. She doesn't have enough money, being a cop doesn't pay well and she hasn't got the time for part time job.
  6. Why?
  7. Matt might mistake her for Scully ("The truth is out there Scully...wait a minute...DAMNITT! Elisa, you weren't supposed to know about this secret identity thing!")
  8. She likes those tight fitting jeans while mooning of tall, purple, and ugly.
  9. How would she ever explain to her mother that she wasn't wearing the clothes Mrs. Maza sent for Christmas?
    and the number one reason Elisa doesn't change her clothes is:
  10. She's got that nifty red leather jacket!

Top Ten Things I Must See on Gargoyles:

  1. Xanatos's plan going totally wrong.
  2. Broadway losing a few pounds.
  3. Brooklyn getting a girlfriend.
  4. Hudson getting a life.
  5. Bronx getting some attention.
  6. Hudson actually going somwhere besides a fight scene.
  7. Goliath reading a comic book.
  8. Demona with brushed hair.
  9. Elisa in a BLACK leather jacket.
    and the number one thing I MUST see on Gargoyles:
  10. Elisa and Goliath going BEYOND kissing.

Top Ten Lines We Will Never Hear on Gargoyles:

  1. Owen: With all due respect sir, up yours.
  2. Broadway: Wow, I never knew fasting was so good!
  3. Alexander at the age of ten: No, Dad, I want to be my own person. World domination just isn't my thing.
  4. Brooklyn: Guess what guy's? I joined a rock band!
  5. Demona (in a support group): I LOVE YOU GUYS!
  6. Elisa: Mom, I met this great guy the other day...yes, he's human.
  7. Matt: No, Elisa, life is normal. I gave up that conspiracy crap.
  8. The Chief and Elisa's conversation:
    Chief: Maza, you dissapear every night beofre duty! Why are you always going up to the clock tower?
    Elisa: particular...ummmmm...just admiring the view.
  9. Brooklyn: My dear chap, shall we sup?
    and the number one thing we won't hear on Gargoyles is:
  10. Xanatos to Fox: Sorry dear, not tonight, I have a headache.

Kiva Smith Pearson