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Kenna's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Elisa and Goliath Should Get Together:

  1. Goliath could feel right at home at Maza family reunions w/ Elisa's brother there.
  2. As every Gargoyle fan knows; Elisa really FELL for Goliath from the beginning.
  3. You just don't see many of those inter-special relationships in the afternoon lineup anymore.
  4. If Demona ever got jealous... What an episode that would be!
  5. A kid that turns to stone during the day so it doesn't need a sitter fits quite nicely into the life of a NY detective.
  6. Elisa can truly brag about her man being a real animal.
  7. Goliath really needs to settle down w/ a nice girl who doesn't spend every night of her life trying to kill or ensnare him.
  8. If they ever want to dance, Angela Lansbury can come in & sing for them.
  9. They can live on a very limited budget; neither one seems to spend much on his or her wardrobe.
    and the number one reason Elisa and Goliath should be together:
  10. Not just any old couple can kiss like that and still manage to avoid slicing up a mouth w/ fangs. It was meant to be...

Kenna Street