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Kenan's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Mysteries

  1. Why does Owen serve Xanatos so faithfully?
  2. What will happen between Derek and Maggie?
  3. Will Brooklyn get jealous?
  4. When will the "Avalon" series end?!
  5. When will Bronx get the attention he deserves?
  6. Why doesn't the show use some of the comic ideas?
  7. Do Elisa's parents ever get worried?
  8. How did Elisa fall for a gargoyle?
  9. When did the pack become so phycho?
    and the number one mystery is:
  10. How the heck did Lexington get so smart?!

Top ten things I get sick of!

  1. Coldstone going insane and going off everywhere.
  2. Owen brown-nosing up to Xanatos all the time.
  3. Bronx taking annoying last second dives at the end of the episode.
  4. Xanatos being a know-it-all all the time with his tiring smirk.
  5. All these strange gargoyles and mystic creatures.
  6. Demona and Macbeth settling their "dispute".
  7. Not having me on the show!
  8. This Avalon series running on and on.(I want to see the Mayan gargoyles.)
  9. Fox becoming a clone of Xanatos!
    and the number one thing on gargoyles I get sick of is:
  10. The gargoyle enemies "mysteriously dissappearing" and then coming back.(The pack will come back, so will Sevarius.)

Kenan Herder