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Kelly's Top Ten Lists

Top Eight Colors that Should Never be Used on a Gargoyle

  1. schoolbus yellow (cutting it kind of close, eh Lex?)
  2. Chartruse (yeah. . . "What's that bright yellow green thing up there? an UFO??)
  3. Neon Orange (see above)
  4. Neon Green (#9)
  5. Hot Pink (do you see a pattern here?)
  6. The color of my carpet (at least I hope there are no teal gargoyles, that would REALLY look wierd)
  7. Bright Blue
  8. ORANGE!! (eeewwww. . . . )

Top Ten Things that Peeve Me About Gargoyles:

  1. Goliath is the only one who never gets his tooshie kicked.
  2. Lex and Brooklyn always get their tooshies kicked
  3. Hudson is ALWAYS portrayed as lazy, tired and old
  4. Broadway is ALWAYS portrayed as obnoxious, loud and hungry
  5. Elisa can't do ANYTHING by herself (give her a little credit)
  6. Fox's readiness to sacrifice Lex for Alexander (Garg.: Goliath Chron., eps. 2)
  7. People who are saved by the gargs and still call them monsters (i.e.- MARGOT, awakening part 2 or 3)
  8. People who get the crap kicked out of them by gargs and STILL think they can fight better.
  9. Not being able to watch TV the day that one of the eps I have not seen is on. (there are only 9 out of the first 64 eps that I have not seen)
  10. Little kids who say Gargoyles is their favorite show, and they can't even remember any of the characters' names.

Kelly Creighton