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Kayla's Top Ten(?) List

Top Twelve Things We'll Never See on Gargoyles (but I'd like to...)

  1. Broadway and Angela making out like bandits.
  2. Broadway and Angela at a college or high-school formal wear.
  3. Angela and the Trio having a wild party.
  4. Angela involved in a catfight. (With Delilah?) Or--bad pun alert--with Maggie?)
  5. Angela slapping Brooklyn for trying to cop a feel. (I can just imagine it. Angela: Keep your _grubby_ talons to yourself, beakface! *SMACK!*)
  6. Gargoyles from New Orleans! (I just thought of that 'cause it's one of my favorite cities.
  7. Brooklyn as a Rotcie! (He's just the type. If you don't know the term, consult your slang dictionary).
  8. Lexington spending hours online with a cyber-girlfriend.
  9. Demona falling deeply, desperately, agonizingly in love... with, irony of ironies, a human. (serves the bitch right!)
  10. Alexander Xanatos as a teenager.
  11. A Gargoyles/Pirates of Dark Water crossover. (I know there's one out there, but I've been trying unsuccessfully to find it.)
    and the number one thing is:
  12. Me and my boyfriend as gargoyles!!!

Kayla A. Green