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Karima's Top Ten List

The Top Ten Things You Will Never See on Gargoyles

  1. Maggie using the "kitty box"
  2. Matt Bluestone saying "The truth is out there" (with x-files music in the background)
  3. Demona, Elisa, and Goliath on the Jerry Springer show
  4. Captain Maria Chavez finding out about the Gargoyles
  5. Claw talking
  6. Broadway eating that Gargoyle franco-american pasta
  7. Bronx with wings
  8. MacBeth in a Kilt playing the Gargoyle theme song on bag pipes
  9. Xanatos broke
    and the number one thing you'll never see on Gargoyles is...
  10. Xantatos finding out that Owen is gay

Karima Hall