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Karen's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See on Gargoyles

  1. Hudson going for one night without the TV.
  2. Derek at the next family reunion.
  3. A litterary reference from something other than Shakespeare.
  4. A gargoyle, other than Broadway, eating something.
  5. A GOOD scientist or geneticist.
  6. Elisa in a change of clothes.
  7. For that matter, ANYONE in a change of clothes.
  8. Lexington doning a nerd costume (complete with glasses and pocket protector) for the next Halloween.
  9. Owen ordering Xanatos around.
    and the number one thing I'd like to see on gargoyles:
  10. Goliath vs. Barney (Let's face it, the only thing BETTER than watching Goliath rip that dinosaurs gory stuffing out would be watching it happen in slow motion. :) :) :)

Elisa's Top Ten Fears:

  1. Explaining to her family what exactly DID happen to Derek.
  2. Xanatos turning into a vampire next Hallowen and terrorizing the city.
  3. That Matt will become obsessed in a Satanic cult.
  4. Having to babysit Fox's kid.
  5. Accidentally leaving a bazooka out in her house when Broadway visits.
  6. Lex, Brooklyn, and Broadway wanting driving lessons--in her car.
  7. Being turned into a giant, flying squid by Xanatos' geneticists.
  8. Bronx breaking into the Natural History Dinosaur Bone exhibit.
  9. Falling off a building during the day.
    and the number one fear:
  10. Competing with Demona for a man--uh, Gargoyle.

Top ten lines we'll never hear on "Gargoyles":

  1. "Dang, I broke a nail!" (said by any female, Elisa, Fox, etc.)
  2. "Awww, how cute. Derek's purring."
  3. "Sorry my dear, but I'm afraid I can't buy you a second engagement present. Budget problems, you know."
  4. "So when ARE you going to get around to housebreaking Bronx?"
  5. "I don't know, Goliath. Jeans just aren't you."
  6. "Write a letter for me, will you Owen? Oh, yes right. I forgot, sorry. I guess I'll have to cancel that tennis game as well."
  7. "Want more, Broadway?"
    "Sorry, guys, I couldn't eat another bite."
  8. "Hello Maza, Bluestone. I'm Fox Mulder and this is agent Scully. We'd like to ask you a few questions."
  9. "Oh, yeah! YES!! David, oh oh OH!!! Yes, ooh OH!! Hah! Oh, UH!! Oh YES YES YES!!! AH, OH DAVID BABY YESSSS!!!!"
    and the number one line we'll never hear on "Gargoyles":
  10. "Cowabunga!"

Karen S