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Karen's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Why Demona and Goliath Should Get Back Together:

  1. Angela needs a mother's "influence".
  2. Elisa and Goliath just don't work.
  3. You can tell he still misses her, and vice versa.
  4. Gargoyles mate for life.
  5. Two words; "Opposites attract."
  6. He's the reason she's angry at "the humans" (they kept her from him)
  7. Thailog was a (pitiful) attempt at companionship.
  8. She needs (mental) help, and he's the only one she didn't always hate.
  9. The gargoyles have an "in" with Owen/Puck; maybe they could reverse the spell.
  10. Everyone (well, maybe not Brooklyn!) would finally be HAPPY!!!

Karen Burrows