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Kacey's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'm Sick of Seeing on Gargoyles:

  1. Xanatos saying "actually Owen everything worked out just the way I wanted it to".
  2. Elisa and Goliath discussing "true love" to everyone but each other
  3. Really thin characters who aren't getting developed (i.e. Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Angela...)
  4. Shows ending with one liners.
  5. Morals being snuck into each episode.
  6. A new villian being introduced nearly ever (new) episode.
  7. Hudson starting every sentence with "aye" and ending it with lad/lass
  8. Demona sneering about "cursed humans".
  9. All these Star Trek voices!
  10. Awakenings

Kacey Cohen