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Justin's Top Ten List

Top Ten Comments Made From Fans While Watching:

  1. "Look Demona, a thousand years is a little long for any outfit to stay in style."
  2. "Elisa, do you own a bed or do you simply sleep in the car?"
  3. "Good thing ST:TNG ended or half the show would be silent."
  4. "That's New York. The Gargoyles would be target practice from day one."
  5. "You know, this looks better than traditional Disney animation. Wonder why?"
  6. "Don't punch him! Use your claws! That would solve the problem!"
  7. "Just hit him Owen. You know you want to."
  8. "You know, if they moved to a different city, I bet all that stuff would stop happening to them."
  9. "Why, of all places, do they sleep on the *edge* of a 100 story building?"
  10. "When I finally hear Patrick Stewart, I'll know my life is complete."

Justin Janger