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Jun's Top Ten Lists

Why, Why, Why, Tell Me Why??

  1. Why isn't Oberon pissed off at the fact that Titania has been fooling around with Humans when she's still married to him?
  2. Why do other gargoyle clans have names (the Japanese, the British and the Mayan clans) while the Scottish/Manhattan clan had no names in the beginning?
  3. Why do Goliath and lot run round bare-chested and clad in loincloths whereas the other clans have more clothing and more tastefully dressed? (I really dig Kai's cool thread!! refer : Bushido)
  4. Why didn't Elisa suffer skin infection, ring worms and other skin diseases after wearing the same clothes and undergarments during her Avalon trip? (I'm a Medical student)
  5. Why didn't she stink also then? ( Refer #4)
  6. Why didn't the travellers suffer from vitamin deficiencies and other dietary problems? I noted in the Avalon series, they hardly stopped anywhere to eat.

Top Ten Nightmares of Elisa Maza:

  1. Goliath gives her big hug. Just then the sun comes up and she is still in his tight embrace...(oooooh I can see it now...Elisa is baked alive....)
  2. Matt (on his knees): Elisa, will you marry me?
  3. Demona (hugging Goliath): I've finally reconciled with you all after undergoing therapy.
  4. Captain Chavez: Detective Maza, I'm transferring you to the day shift.
  5. Captain Chavez : Detective Maza, I'm transferring you to Alaska. they need a good detective there who can get along with eighteen foot wings (on second thought, this might be Elisa's nice dream)
  6. Goliath : I love Delilah
  7. Goliath : Hey, Elisa, guess what? Demona is cured of her hatred of humans. And...( love sick look in his eyes)...she still loves me...
  8. Puck (to Demona and Elisa): Let's improve the ladies' looks
    (Cool animation magic. Elisa has the looks of Demona and Demona has the magnificent Maza's charming appearance and figure)
    Elisa and Demona : HEY!! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME??!!! Damn you PUCK!! (Just then Goliath and lot appear. They see "Demona" and proceed to beat the living daylights out of her)
    The fake Elisa (cheering the Manhattan clan) : Go on! GO yeah right!! An uppercut!! Kick her in the crotch!! (begins to hatch an evil plan in her mind..)
  9. Goliath : I think Broadway is a bad influence on you. You're getting heavy to carry.
  10. Fox : Hey Elisa, please babysit Alex for me while Davy and I go on our world tour...

More Why, Why, Tell Me Why:

  1. Notice that the Japanese, British and Mayan Gargoyles have very different appearances which symbolise their Birth place's culture or tradition. Elisa is half Native American and half African American. So, in "The Mirror" why did she turn into a gargoyle with the Scottish gargoyles appearance? Not into a Native American-African American gargoyle (if there were any)?
  2. Why did Princess Katherine fall for Tom who was so much younger than her? (So sue me, I'm old fashioned)
  3. Why aren't the producers selling Gargoyle episodes on tapes like they're doing now for the Aladdin series, The little Mermaid series, the Lion King series?
  4. Why can't Elisa dress differently for new episodes? Obviously the artists have to include fashion consultants in their midst.

Top Eleven Things I'm Reminded of When Watching Gargoyles:

  1. Batman the Animated Series. (Of course, the Gothic colouring, the wings, the bad guys who are intelligent)
  2. Power Rangers. The usual "forces of Good pitted against evil", of course
  3. Beauty and the Beast, the animated series. Vincent and Catherine and Goliath and Elisa. Need I say more?
  4. The X-files. You know Bluestone kinda reminds me of Mulder...
  5. Around the World in 80 Days. The Avalon rides, remember?
  6. Wing Commander game. The mutates. Enough said.
  7. Ultraman. The monsters remind me of the variety of creatures Red and White and Big Yellow Eyes fights every week on TV
  8. Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeon Master reminds me of Oberon's Children. They speak in riddles.
  9. Baywatch. Goliath's chest is gonna make the guys go green with jealousy and the girls swoon.
  10. Tarzan of the Apes. They do have plenty in common. The loin cloths especially. Unfortunately the "Jane" in Gargoyles (Elisa) doesn't go running around in animal skin bikini...
    Whoops, I forgot Demona.
    and the number one thing I'm reminded of when watching Gargoyles is
  11. I'm a Real Gargoyle Addict

Things I'd Like to See on Gargoyles:

  1. Goliath and Elisa singing "A Whole New World" as they glide over New York
  2. Goliath and Elisa dancing to the music "Beauty and the Beast"
  3. Elisa turns into a gargoyle and all six members of the Manhantan clan are vying for her attention
  4. Elisa's cat drops in for a visit and Bronx is in the mood for a game of tag
  5. "Get out Derek!!!You stay out of my house until you learn to sharpen your nails on something other than my furniture!!"
  6. The Mutates take a dip in the swimming pool.....FFZZZZZZ!!!!! BANG!!
  7. Goliath: Elisa..I think I'll like to see you wear something different for a change...
  8. Goliath and Brooklyn get a haircut
  9. Broadway, Lex and Hudson pour "Grow Back" on their bald patches
  10. Hudson is down with rheumatism
  11. What do Gargoyles dream of when asleep?

Jun Lee