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Jubes's and Kitty's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Goliath and Elisa Should get Married!

  1. They are so perfect for each other they are sickening!
  2. having a fourth race would make the world much more interesting!
  3. If they had maybe FOX would have carried the third season.
  4. When Elisa moves into the castle with Goliath she will always know what Xanatos is up to.
  5. It would really piss Demona off!
  6. It would give Goliath US Citizenship.
  7. They would save on airfare for the honeymoon.
  8. Elisa wouldn't have to change her last name.
  9. Because we would all really like to see the wedding figures and playset.
  10. Elisa already runs his life, so why not?!

Jubes and Kitty