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Joshua's Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for a gargoyle during the day:

  1. Really trendy coat-hangers.
  2. Pigeon target practice.
  3. Life-size action figures that "come alive!"...really...
  4. Reinventing the "pet rock" craze.
  5. Fountain ornaments (I can just picture Goliath spewing a stream of water in the park.)
  6. Econo-sized paperweights!
  7. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Gargoyles!
  8. Crash-test dummies.
  9. Artsy sculptures (The Demona Lisa!...groan...)
  10. Michelangelo's "Goliath"! (Get it... David and Goliath...that's irony for ya!)

Joshua Schwartz