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The Gargoyles Fan Website

Johnny's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things That Baffles the Mind:

  1. Angela skin is purple like Goliath. There's nothing that resembles Demona!
  2. How many pounds of stone does a gargoyle shed, every night he wakes up.
  3. What does Elisa and the gargoyles do with their stones, throw it in a garbage bag?
  4. The gargoyle clothes turns to stone?
  5. Macbeth does not have a Scottish accent.
  6. Goliath was not named after a place in New York.
  7. When the gargoyles were turned into humans, what determines the color of their skin?
  8. Thailog is not purple like Goliath.
  9. Why can't any strong winds knock a gargoyle off of the tower while they are stoned during the day?
  10. If Macbeth or Demona were decapitated, how would they be able to survive?

Johnny Wu