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Jim's Top Ten List

Top Ten Gargoyle Pet Peeves:

  1. The only female Gargoyle for miles is a raving looney
  2. Man, that last Batman movie *sucked*!
  3. Smirking, megalomaniacal corporate masterminds with ties to ancient, subversive sects.
  4. Smokers. Whats that all about, anyway?
  5. Braveheart didn't get *nearly* enough Oscar nominations.
  6. This Shakespeare guy. Who is he kidding?
  7. Loincloths went out of fashion 800 years ago.
  8. Time zones
  9. Chicks who can't see past the horns, fangs, bat-wings, claws, elbow and knee spurs, and weird skin tone to the sensitive, '90s kind of Gargoyle beneath it all.
    and the number one Gargoyle Pet Peeve:
  10. Pigeons

Jim Cannon