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Jezzebell's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We Won't See on Gargoyles Ever:

  1. Oberon's little pink bunny slippers.
  2. Demona getting drunk and having A PARTEEEEE
  3. Broadway going on Deal-A-Meal
  4. MacBeth's real name: Phelipay
  5. A name that's NOT from one of Shakespears plays.
  6. Goliath saying: "Okay I'll stay here. You guys can go fight the bad guy. I'll just hang out.
  7. Hudson running around going: WHOHA! WHOHA!
  8. Bronx has puppies!(guess he wasn't a boy after all!)
  9. Angela having puppies. (BAD BRONX! VERY BAD BRONX!)
    and the number one you've been waiting for
  10. Brooklyn in a lime green spandex mini-suit, doing the tootsie roll.