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Jennifer's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Never See on Gargoyles:

  1. Bronx with the voice of Buck the dog on "Married with Children"
  2. Guest star Patrick Stewart as Xanatos' father
  3. Elisa asleep in bed
  4. Technology doing things technology actually can do
  5. An allusion to another Disney movie...oops- they already did that for Halloween
  6. Mrs. Elisa Xanatos
  7. Goliath explicitly detailing the "birds and the bees" of the Gargoyle way
  8. Dr. Sevarius suddenly breaking into a chorus of "Sweet Transvestite"
  9. Xanatos beardless
  10. Brooklyn, Broadway and Lex discover "Budweiser"

Goliath's Top Ten Pet Peeves:

  1. Clock tower drafts
  2. So-called robot clones nothing like the original
  3. Finding his latest philosophic venture in a book written almost 200 years ago
  4. Everyone assuming that gargoyles can fly...for the hundreth time- THEY GLIDE, dammit!
  5. Bird droppings landing on him in mid-air
  6. Harassing phone calls from Robert Stack trying to find out the "unsolved mystery" of the missing gargoyle statues at night
  7. Sexual frustration from lack of female gargoyles
  8. Granite under claws after climbing walls
  9. When stupid humans assume he's Val Kilmer in the newest Batman costume
  10. When Lex puts itching powder in his loin cloth.

Jennifer Manzo