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Jennifer's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'm Tired of

  1. Goliath being electricuted in every other episode.
  2. Meeting a new clan of gargoyles via Avalon and just saying "We've given up on finding other gargoyles." ...and that be it.
  3. "HALLAPANYA!" (sp?)
  4. The cheesiest of lines ("Gargoyle must not fight gargoyle!!")
  5. Angela doesn't do anything.
  6. Elisa's consistent wardrobe.
  7. Angela's "roar" the voice actor did herself.
  8. Demona: "Destroy this. Kill Goliath. Beat up Macbeth. Same ol', same ol'."
  9. Animation flaws (What's Bronx doing at the clock tower? He's at Avalon!!"
    and the number one thing is:
  10. We don't get the show at the local ABC.

Jennifer Berry