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Jeff's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like To See On Gargoyles:

  1. The Adventures of Young Hudson, and his peppy sidekick, Lil' Goliath
  2. Mrs. Maza gets to meet this nice young gar-um, man Elisa is always rushing out at night to see.
  3. Now that Dracon is busted, Glasses goes into business for himself as an optometrist.
  4. Baby X's First Steel Clan Suit.
  5. Owen meets Don Rickles and freaks out that someone knows his true identity.
  6. Broadway discovers All-U-Can-Eat Night at Sizzlers.
  7. Macbeth joins a Drum & Bagpipe Corps.
  8. Lexington and Bronx develop a Lassie/Timmy relationship(What is it, Bronx? Lex is caught in a Xanatos produced deathtrap?).
  9. The Gargoyles start a ROCK and roll band(oy...)!
    and the number one thing I'd Like To See On Gargoyles:
  10. Cagney is kidnapped by Dr. Sevarius, gets mutated into a steriod-strong ultra-cat, and KICKS BRONX'S BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff the Reverse