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Jay's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that Would be Just Nifty to See on Gargoyles:

  1. Fox as Playmate of the Month.
  2. Xanatos walking around all day with his fly unzipped.
  3. Xanatos and Fox's baby manipulating all the other infants in the Maternity Ward into a conspiracy for world domination.
  4. Owen with a huge cowlick.
  5. Elisa pulling a Fox Mulder and actually carrying a second firearm.
  6. A fatality resulting from a cause OTHER than being crushed or falling from a building.
  7. Goliath in a double-breasted suit (with wingholes, of course).
  8. Hudson subscribing to "Modern Maturity."
  9. Batman: The Animated Series crossover (As if Gargoyles didn't have enough psychotics).
    and the number one thing that would be just nifty to see on Gargoyles:
  10. Goliath, just once, slapping the s**t out of Demona, and yelling, "Ahhhhh, SHADDUP!"

Jay Knioum