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Jax's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that Will Change Once the Avalon Crew Comes Back:

  1. Just to see the look on Xanatos' face when he figures out he actually DIDN'T lose Goliath.
  2. Hudson calling Goliath out. Oh, c'mon! They were gone for at least three months! With no calls!
  3. Demona meets Angela, and reaction thereof. "But you were in charge of birth control!"
  4. Owen meets Angela, they elope to Las Vegas... Uh, I'm just kidding here...
  5. Angela asks why every is out so late.
  6. Angela actually gets away from Goliath, and stops being a hormonal, cute rebellious teenager.
  7. One of the younger ones asks why they bother even trying to save humans, since they're just gonna nuke themselves anyway.
  8. An X-Men/Gargoyles crossover.
  9. Elisa shaves herself bald, and runs, screaming, around the streets, having finally cracked.
    and the number one:
  10. A rivalry hits the boys. Oh, come on. Three hormone filled boys trapped in a tower with one girl? Be serious.