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Jason's Top Ten(?) Lists

Elisa's Top Three Fears

  1. Her mother INSISTING that she bring her boyfriend home
  2. Broadway falling on her
  3. Broadway following her to an assault weapons convention

Top Ten Things I Want to see on Gargoyles..

  1. For Demona to get off that PMS she's had for the last two years
  2. Brooklyn with a nose ring
  3. Lexington take over Microsoft
  4. Broadway on a diet (I know.. I know just about every one writes this one)
  5. Hudson go for an entire episode without saying "Aye" "Lass" or "Lad"
  6. Bronx vs. the adult Simba from The Lion King
  7. Demona to leave Goliath's clan the hell alone!
  8. The Trio finds a keg of beer.
  9. The Trio beat the crud out of the gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    and the number one thing I want to see on Gargoyles
  10. More "Beauty and the Beast" Goliath & Elisa scenes. (They're definately a "unique" couple!)

Top Three Things I'm Getting Sick of Watching on Gargoyles

  1. Owen brown-nosing up to Xanatos
  2. Hyena's laugh! (We all saw that one coming!)
    and the number one thing I'm sick of seeing on Gargoyles is
  3. Elisa and Goliath griping about how they can't be together because they're different species. Just LET IT GO! Throw all that **** out the window and be with each other!!

Jason Lee