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Jason's and Susan's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things we Don't Want to See on Gargoyles:

  1. Children of the rest of the Pack!
  2. Fox's Dad in a Speedo
  3. What Puck turns Demona into when he is *pissed* at her
  4. The skiff from Avalon take them to a Sewage treatment plant
  5. Lex get arrested for hacking into FBI files
  6. William Shatner in a Cameo
  7. Gargoyles VS Pinky and the Brain (Sploich)
  8. Bronx finds a Russian Wolfhound (female of course)
  9. Some one throws a stick off the top of castle and yells to Bronx "FETCH!!!"
  10. Goliath's and Elisa's Kids!

Top Ten Gargoyle Crossovers

  1. Gargoyles in Midsummers night dream
  2. Gargoyles in MacBeth
  3. Gargoyles in The X-Files
  4. Gargoyles in The Adventures of Superman
  5. Gargoyles in The Outer Limits
  6. Gargoyles in Sliders
  7. Gargoyles in Animaniacs
  8. Gargoyles in Sailor Moon
  9. Gargoyles in Star Trek NG (nope that wasn't first)
    and the number one Crossover I would like to see is...
  10. Gargoyles in the Star Trek Cartoon!

Jason Bauman & Susan Russell