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Janell's Top Ten List

Top Ten Showdowns between Gargoyles and Dark Warlords from "Ronin Warriors"

  1. Sekhmet vs Goliath
  2. Anubis vs Demona
  3. Anubis vs Macbeth
  4. Anubis vs Hudson
  5. Anubis vs Brooklyn
  6. Anubis vs Bronx
  7. Anubis vs Xanatos
  8. Anubis vs Jackal (A. is mad at J. because of that "avatar" thing)
  9. Anubis vs Elisa
    and the number one Showdown between Gargoyles and Dark Warlords from "Ronin Warriors":
  10. (well, duuh...)All four vs Goliath

Top Ten Crossover Stories

  1. Gargoyles meet the Gummi Bears(this could be DONE!)
  2. Gargoyles and The Tick(Spoon! Voice credit for Rob Paulsen)
  3. Gargoyles and the Death of the Masked Rider
  4. Gargoyles meet the Archies(oops, that's TF fan fiction!)
  5. Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck!
  6. Gargoyles and Alladin(Mosenrath!)
  7. Gargoyles in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!(OK, maybe not.)
  8. Gargoyles and Thundercats
  9. Gargoyles and Ronin Warriors
  10. a)Gargoyles and The GoBots(Why am I so nostalgic nowadays? 1985 Hanna-Barbera GoBots, for TF fans that may be reading this.)
    b) Gargoyles meet the Transformers!(YES! Bring in Peter Cullen! Make Frank Welker EARN that check!)

Top 31 What Would Happen if the Main Characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Met the Characters on Gargoyles:

  1. Goliath would think Demona gained psychic abilities.
  2. Odo would have to shape shift into a mutant Egyptian toucan with wings.(He'd LOVE the wings!)
  3. Xanatos would shout,"Red Alert!"
  4. Xanatos would take Owen on the Away Team(tm)
  5. Owen and Data would play chess.
  6. Lore would disguise as Puck.
  7. Data, Lore, and Puck would look up Dr. Soong's grandfather.
  8. Puck would possess Data and kill Troi.
  9. Sisko would hit on Elisa, thinking she's Cassidy Yates.
  10. Riker would hit on Fox
  11. Xanatos would challenge Riker to Parissis Squares
  12. Kira and Demona would have a screaming Match
  13. Riker would hit on Elisa.
  14. Lex would try on Geordi's VISOR.
  15. A panther would scratch Geordi.
  16. Barclay would go to Demona about a talking spider--and get shot at, of course.
  17. Picard would try to kidnap Elisa's mother: "Uhura, you're in another dimension..."
  18. Worf would teach Goliath how to use the bat'leth(sp?).
  19. Coldstone will have nightmares about the Borg.
  20. Bronx will eat Spot.
  21. Data will get angry, join Lore and Puck, and cast a spell of stone for a thousand years...hasn't this been done before...?
  22. Odo would morph into a Gargoyle--and get stuck.
  23. Quark would try to takeover Xanatos Enterprises.
  24. Picard would ask Xanatos how he acquired the "Enterprises".
  25. The doctors would sit with Hudson. Beverly would probably make Hud watch Reading Rainbow.
  26. Geordi would start screaming again when Bev changes to a corny episode Reading Rainbow.(those pesky Romulans!)
  27. Jake and Wes would wonder "WHA'TH'ECKISGOIN'ONHERE?"
  28. Deanna would fall off a tall building.
  29. Xanatos would scream "Imzadi!" and leap after her.
  30. Owen would hit on Dax.
  31. Dax would hit on Goliath.

Top Thirteen Kisses of the Century!

  1. Maggie and Brooklyn
  2. Brooklyn and Angela
  3. Matt and Elisa
  4. Xanatos and Elisa
  5. Owen and Elisa
  6. Owen and Demona
  7. MacBeth and Demona(WHAT!)
  8. Goliath and Elisa (duuh...)
  9. Angela and Talon
  10. Talon and Elisa (whoops! they're related!)
  11. Jackal and Fox (ouch!)
  12. Owen and Fox
  13. Owen and Hyena (ouch twice!)

Onslaught, leader of the Combaticons, supplied me with the Elisa ones.

Top Eleven Things Disney Won't Let us See on Gargoyles

  1. Elisa taking a shower.
  2. Elisa only in a bath towel.
  3. Any human woman in a bath towel.
  4. Elisa in a bikini!
  5. Elisa covered by Goliath's wings
  6. Owen and Elisa wake up in bed one morning...
  7. Xanatos, Elisa, and Fox wake up...
  8. Xanatos calls Fox the wrong name.
  9. Owen, Elisa, and the Weird Sisters are playing strip poker.
  10. Elisa in a slip.(what a shame! Tale Spin showed Becky in underwear!)
  11. Elisa in a nightie--in Owen's room.(why THEM?)

I gotta stop before I sink any lower and cost you $250,000.
(All Elisa innuendoes courtesy of Onslaught, leader of the Combaticons and a registered trademark of Hasbro, Co., used w/o permission, of course.)

Janell Clark