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Indigo Ash's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things I'd Pay Money To See On Gargoyles:

  1. Puck flipping Xanatos off when his back is turned. (c'mon, Puckster, you know you want to!)
  2. Puck in Ramboesque gear, complete with a tattoo,an earring, and a laser....
  3. Brooklyn kicks Goliath's butt. (he may be skinny, but the guy's could outlast that big purple jerk!)
  4. When Goliath starts spouting philisophical crap, Elisa smacks him one.
  5. Puck, with a girlfriend.
  6. Me, with Puck as a boyfriend. Hey, I'm short-four feet ten inches- and I've got pointy ears! Beat that!
  7. Xanatos doing baby-talk with Alex.
  8. Brooklyn, kicking Demona's butt.

  9. and the number one:
  10. The evil creature Barney gets his head ripped off by Puck, who probably is exposed on a daily basis, due to the nanny job. And Demona gets the pieces!

Top Ten Things That Might Happen During a Mighty Ducks Crossover:

  1. Brooklyn-Oh, perfect. TWO red-headed psychopaths.
  2. What the Quarrymen will do... let's face it, they couldn't handle gargoyles, they sure won't be able to stomach 6-ft. tall aliens Ducks.
  3. Nosedive- So how'd you end up with such a babe?
    Goliath-We met when she fell off a building. I swung down and caught her.
    Mallory-Don't even think about it.
  4. A fight between Goliath and Wildwing- guess who wins.
  5. Phil and Xanatos discuss economics.
  6. Tanya and Lex discuss electronics.
  7. Jeff Bennet ends up talking with himself...
  8. Grin. The Weird Sisters. 'Nuff said?
  9. Ooo, Sevarious and Dragaunus. Maybe we should throw Frank'n'furter in...
    and the number one is...
  10. Nosedive hits on Demona! (he'll be limping for a week...)

Indigo Ash