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Greg's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd like to see on Gargoyles:

  1. Bronx vs. Socks the First Cat
  2. Lexington attempts to run Windows '95.
  3. The gargoyles sue Wizards of the Coast for slander over the Granite Gargoyle "Magic: the Gathering" card.
  4. Xanatos Enterprises is bought out in a hostile takeover by Montgomery Burns. Owen is revealed to be Wayland Smithers in disguise.
  5. Demona: "Hey, Goliath. Ever hear of a human named Lolena Bobbitt?"
  6. Derek doing a kitty litter commercial.
  7. Hudson watching the Playboy Channel.
  8. Lexington, Broadway, and Brooklyn go to a heavy metal concert and get in the mosh pit.
  9. Coyote making it through a whole episode intact
    and the number one thing I'd like to see on Gargoyles:
  10. Patrick Stewart or me doing a guest voice.

Greg Bright