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Goliath's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See the Gargoyles do...

  1. I'd like to Goliath kill somone
  2. I'd like to see an episode where the whole time Goliath kicks ass.
  3. I want Xantos to get a brainwashed and give the Gargoyles his money.
  4. I want them to get sick.
  5. I'd like to see Demona kill Macbeth and die herself.
  6. I want to see more of the gargoyles that are now being led by Broklyn.
  7. I'd like to see miss maza and goliath in love.
  8. Maggie fall in love with Broklyn.
  9. Broadway go on a diet.
    and finally:
  10. I want Goliath to go back home and find the descendants of the man who betrayed his clan and kill them all.