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Fire Lizard's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten things I've Always Wondered About Gargoyles

  1. Why the heck the biker's didn't notice that Brooklyn wasn't human.
  2. Whether or not the Magus is really dead.
  3. When Demona is going to realise that she has been a real ***** for the past 900 years.
  4. When are the trio going to start catching cute girls who have a tendency to fall off buildings.
  5. How does Eliza feed the Gargoyles on HER salary?
  6. When are Morgan and Captain Chaves going to find out about the Gargoyles?
  7. Do any other characters, besides Broadway eat?
  8. When is Robbins going to figure out when he aquired that new statue on his lawn. (Hudson at dawn)
  9. How many more Shakespearian plays are going to be referred to in upcoming episodes?
    and the number one thing I've always wondered about is
  10. When is Brooklyn going to get and keep a girlfriend?

Top Ten Things that Would Happen if a Gargoyles / Aladdin Crossover Occurred

  1. Dracon and Aladdin would be beside themselves.
  2. Lexington would have a hell of a time trying to find a place to plug in his computer
  3. Mechanicles would go nuts trying to figure out how the Steel Clan work
  4. Abys-mal would get ahold of the Eye of Odin (nuff said)
  5. Eliza would take over the leadership of the Royal guards
  6. Demona and Mozenrath would join forces and level half of Agraba
  7. The Avalon crew would end up in Gechistan to save the city from another pink dancing rhino
  8. Genie and Puck would join forces and cause absolute mayhem
  9. Mozenrath would summon Puck and we'd have an interesting recap of the mirror
    and the number one thing that would happen if a Gargoyles/Aladdin crossover occurred:
  10. Harude and Owen would start a support group called LSTTM. (Lackeys Smarter Than Their Masters.)

The Fire Lizard