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DPH's Top Ten Lists

Top 9 funny things that would happen if Broadway went on Iron Chief

  1. Vinnie gets invited to sit on the panel of tasters and spills food on the host.
  2. Broadway serves extra large portions while the Iron Chief serves normal size portions, which results in Kitchen Stadium being almost depleted of food.
  3. The show gets delayed a few minutes when Broadway's tail gets mistaken for an extension cord.
  4. Broadway declines help from Xanatos in picking his helpers: Xanatos wants Broadway to use really expensive great chiefs. Instead, Broadway picks two members of the Japanese clan.
  5. While Broadway spends a few weeks with the Japanese clan learning how to cook Japanese food, the Ishimura clan experience a food shortage.
  6. After annoucing that Broadway is the best chief in the entire New York City Gargoyle Clan, someone protestingly whispers, "But there are less than a dozen members of that clan."
  7. Broadway's tuxedo busts while cooking, much to his embarassment.
  8. Broadway says, "Hey, I can't hear anything from my headphone receiver that is sending me advice on how to handle the theme ingredient of the day. Can someone check it?"
  9. After hearing the announcement about the theme ingredient of the day, Broadway says, "Hey, carrots weren't supposed to the theme ingredient of the day. Tunafish was, according to Xanatos."

Top 15 new gargoyles merchandise I'd like to see

  1. Remote controlled Airfortress 2 - to scale of the tv show - price under $300
  2. 3D puzzle of the Castle Wvryn atop the Eyrie Building
  3. an upgraded Pack set of figures ie.. . Pack from "Upgrade"
  4. puzzle of map of Avalon, arial view
  5. Rory Dugan transformming to Cu Cullan figurine
  6. Jackal and Hyena figures with the various attachments
  7. Scale model of the Pack's airship
  8. scale model of Macbeth's airship
  9. assorted figures of characters from the world tour
  10. a set of figures from the Original Pack . . ie. . Pack from "Thrill of the Hunt"
  11. figures of all 4 versions of Coyote
  12. puzzle of picture of the Mayan Sun Amulet
  13. puzzle of picture of Phoenix Gate
  14. figure of Fox transformering into Were-Fox
  15. figure of David Xanatos wearing power armor