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DJ's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We'll Never See on Gargoyles But Want to:

  1. Angela's hair moving.
  2. Lexington NOT get his butt kicked in battle.
  3. Broadway getting indigestion.
  4. How the hell gargoyles go to the bathroom.
  5. Someone noticing the statues keep moving around.
  6. Someone noticing things with giant, ten-foot wingspans above their head.
  7. A villian who dies and DOESN'T come back EVER again.
  8. Demona WITHOUT PMS.
  9. Someone grafittiing the gargoyles next time they have to sleep in Central Park.
    and the number one thing we want to see on Gargoyles but never will:
  10. Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx getting back to New York without visiting every contient.

DJ Clawson