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Diedre's Top Ten(?) Lists

Top Nineteen Reasons I Love Puck So Much:

  1. Thanks to Puck, I learned the symbol for iron! The symbol is "Fe". Just add a "y" to the end and there you have it "Fey".
  2. He's easy to threaten-one word-iron.
  3. He rhymes.
  4. Gives creative nicknames, i.g. "Big Daddy Oberon" and "Big Lavender" or did I hear that one from someone's fanfic? If I did, well, oops.
  5. After watching the Gathering for the fifteenth time, I started answering my phone by saying, "Heeeeere's Deirdre!"
  6. Anyone here ever seen "Dead Poet's Society"? Puck is in it-sort of.
  7. He's got a funky voice.
  8. I ran around school screaming, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" when I read "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
  9. In fact, he's the reason I made it through "A Midsummer Night's Dream" alive.
  10. He's the only fay with a sense of humor.
  11. Puck has more of a fashion clue than Elisa-the bottoms of the sleeves actually match the tops of his boots!
  12. He wears a purple toga! Purple is my favorite color.
  13. I can get tips from him on how to properly annoy people, though I think that annoying people comes naturally to me.
  14. Whenever I get mad at someone, I go to him and vent, then all he does is wiggle his nose and the person is turned into a potted plant.
  15. I actually read something by Shakespeare, and understood a good portion of it, because of him.
  16. I will never think of mirrors in the same way again.
  17. He's cute! Even though he has white hair!
  18. The way he moves his hands and fingers while he talks. It's very funny.
  19. He pisses everyone off so well. I admire that in a guy.

Top Thirty-Two Things I'm Almost Sure I'll Never See, But I Wouldn't Mind Seeing on Gargoyles:

  1. Elisa taking Bronx for a walk to do a you-know-what.
  2. Puck getting a haircut and a dye job.
  3. Hudson saying, "Oops, I forgot my sword."
  4. Demona and Elisa becoming best friends.
  5. Lexington beating the crap out of everyone.
  6. Fox waking up bald; now that is scary!
  7. Lexington waking up with a full head of hair; now that is even scarier!
  8. Hudson start talking with a New York accent.
  9. Brooklyn getting a nose job.
  10. Owen going on a talk show and telling the audience his entire real life story-"It all started when Shakespeare wrote that damn play..."
  11. Broadway going on a diet.
  12. Xanatos saying to Owen, "Why don't you ever listen to me?"
  13. Exploring the possiblity of Brooklyn kissing someone without poking their eye out.
  14. Goliath declaring that violence is not the answer.
  15. Someone saying the number "69" and having everyone on the show crack up.
  16. Owen starting to go bald and using "Rogaine".
  17. MacBeth reading "Playboy."
  18. Lexington revealed to be the Unabomber in disguise.
  19. Lexington stealing Elisa away from Goliath.
  20. Broadway going to a concert, crowd-surfing, and injuring a few dozen people.
  21. An appearence by those two oh-so-lovable FBI agents Mulder and Scully.
  22. Xanatos saying, "Money doesn't grow on trees, you know" or "I just don't think I can afford it."
  23. Oberon and Titania counting exactly how many children they have.
  24. Puck saying, "Ugh! Can't everyone be serious for once...?"
  25. Puck getting a makeover- think MTV Makeover Madness.
  26. Puck changing Alexander Xanatos's diaper.
  27. The gargoyles' loincloths blowing off in the wind.
  28. Owen saying, "I love you, man."
  29. Oberon getting beat up by Alexander Xanatos, as a result of Puck's educational training. Think about it: "Well, you told me to educate him as best I could..."
  30. Owen saying a curse word- "Mr. Xanatos, it just slipped..."
  31. Owen giving Xanatos the middle finger.
  32. Puck doing a fairly decent impression of Billy Corgan, singing that Smashing Pumpkins song we all know and love, "Tonight, Tonight." In fact, I'm listening to that song right now.

The Star-Crossed Deirdre