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Desdemona's Top Ten List

Top Ten Best Things About a Gargoyle/X-Men Crossover

  1. Goliath and Wolverine arguing about whose claws are better
  2. Xavier and Xanatos discussing the problems with being rich.
  3. Rogue and Elisa discussing their love problems.
  4. Gambit giving Brooklynn love advise.
  5. Archangel and Broadway arguing over who has the more impressive wing span.
  6. Bishop and Hudson gull about how out of place they feel in this time, at the same time.
  7. Fox and Jean Grey talking and comparing embarassing habits of their husbands.
  8. Beast and Lexington designing a computer game!
  9. Mr. Sinister and Anton Sevarious team up to create the "Ultimate Being."
    and the number one best thing about a Gargoyle/X-Men crossover is:
  10. Puck turning Cyclopse into a turnip saying "He has the personality of one."

Ginny "Desdemona" Lebeau