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Demona's and Ghost's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Why Xanatos Married Fox:

  1. He actually knows someone with an "X" in their name.
  2. Pink elephants? (well hey. There are already purple monkeys.)
  3. His little oscar is getting rowdy.
  4. He can cancel his subscription to "Playboy."
  5. He needs a little "Davie."
  6. Owen is now partially stone
  7. He wants to reunite Beavis and Butthead.
  8. No more bills for night chat lines
  9. Pink elephants?
    and the number one reason why Xanatos married Fox is
  10. He has a new excuse for buying that new bra he had always wanted.

Top Ten Reasons Angela and Brooklyn are Destined to be With Each Other

  1. We need little B's.
  2. We want to see Goliath p.o.ed
  3. It's obvious
  4. The poor beaked biker needs a soul mate.
  5. We want to see Maggie p.o.ed
  6. We want to see Gabriel p.o.ed
  7. Brooklyn nedds to be truely happy FOR ONCE.
  8. Well, Angela is better than Lex.
  9. Angela is WAY better than Broadway.
    and the number one reason why Angela and Brooklyn are destined to be with each other is
  10. Brooklyn is going to need a 2nd in command someday.

Demona and Ghost