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David's Top Five List

Top Five Reasons why Goliath and Elisa Should Get Together

  1. They look like a cute couple
  2. Notice how Goliath is the only Gargoyle to pick her up for flying
  3. In the first apearence with Puck she was huggin on him when Demona was looking at them through the mirror
  4. In the same episode(when Elisa was a Gargoyle) Goliath said that he never noticed that she was so beautiful
    and the number one reason why Goliath and Elisa should get together is
  5. In the same episode when sunrise came Goliath said, " About what happen earlier...uhuhuh..", he then turn to stone and Elisa said as she put her mouth to Goliath's," Thats just the way it's got to be

David Rios