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Dave's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that Should be on Gargoyles, IMHO:

  1. Those statues all over the city. Why not bring THEM up to the castle too?!
  2. Lex with some decent muscles. Or at least hair. Or spikes like Broadway. I'm not picky.
  3. Brooklyn with an attitude adjustment. Just because he's been betrayed, manipulated like a puppet, and can't keep a **** girlfriend, thats no reason to bring the others down.
  4. Puck. Definitely more Puck. The little guy kicks serious ***.
  5. The gargoyles focusing those glowing eyes into lasers. Now, just you tell me that wouldn't ROCK, being able to shoot back.
  6. Demona without her eternal PMS. I think the Weird Sisters bound her and Macbeth during that, um, special, time each month.
  7. Every gargoyle losing those loincloths. except Demona. I'm sick and tired of all the male butt-shots, but I don't mind D's halter top/loincloth combo.
  8. Broadway taking advantage of Jenny Craigs special discounts she has every other week.
  9. Lex not being able to figure out how to build things like Comanche helicopters in five minutes. And how did he learn how to build anything electronic in the first place?
    and the number one thing that should be on Gargoyles, IMHO:
  10. The Eryie Building being blown to Kingdom Come while the clan, after Lex saves Alex (Everyone deserves a little time in the spotlight after all), toasts marshmellows on the blazing inferno.

Dave the Protector