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Danyal's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Good Reasons The Pack is Upgraded

  1. Jackal and Hyena never have to worry about an itch.
  2. The Pack can slap hands fifty feet away.
  3. Hyena never has to worry for a bathing suit when she goes swimming.
  4. Wolf can try out for wrestling.
  5. Jackal can start a fasion statement.
  6. Jackal's blaster fingers can help if Hyena gets a zit.
  7. Jackal has a fair armwrestle with Wolf now.
  8. Hyena is nicely dressed when she gets a date.
  9. Wolf can fight Fox when she wears the Eye Of Odin.
    and the number one good reason the pack is upgraded:
  10. The Pack can kill anyone that doesn't think they look good.

Top Ten Bad Reasons The Pack Is Upgraded

  1. What if Hyena broke her high heels?
  2. The Gargoyles are finally fighting someone uglier than themselves!
  3. What if Jackal ran out of blaster fingers?
  4. Wolf is getting sensitive about his weight.
  5. What if Jackal doesn't want to be a jackal after he was one?
  6. Wolf still can't compete with Goliath because he can't fly.
  7. What if Hyena's guns ran out of ammo?
  8. What if someone knocked off Jackal's arms and destroyed them?
  9. If Jackal streches out his middle, people will think it's fat.
    and the number one bad reason the pack is upgraded:
  10. Wolf can't work out anymore.

Danyal Herder