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Daniel's To Ten List

Top ten things I'd like to see on gargoyles

  1. Goliath realizing that he could have won Demona back to the side of good if he hadn't been flirting with that home wrecking human Maza!
  2. Brooklyn finally getting a girlfriend (Broadway would have been happier with a sandwich, Brook needed Angela!)
  3. Doctor Sevarius FINALLY being KILLED by Goliath and actually STAYING DEAD!
  4. Demona finally redeeming herself for her crimes (not that Goliath helped her out by flirting with a certain detective....)
  5. Demona getting back together with her one true love Goliath and saying to Maza, "Better luck next time hun."
  6. Demona finally getting even with Puck for his cruel pranks (string him by his ears! MAHAHAHA!)
  7. The Manhattan Clan being joined by two or more of Angela's rookery sisters from Avalon (don't blow it this time Brook and Lex!)
  8. Hudson going up to Broadway wearing a black mask and carrying a lightsaber as he proclaims, "SSSSSSSS....Broadway....SSSSS..I am your father!"
  9. Elisa being torn to pieces by Demona
  10. Angela trying on her mother's halter top and miniskirt just as her prudish father enters the room.....

Daniel B. Roach