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Daniel's Top Five List

Top Five Crossover Fanifics That could work! (With a good author)

  1. Mystery Science Theatre 3000: It could work if you did it as MISTied version of a bad fanfic. Have it star Lexington(who's probaly a fan) and Angela and Brooklyn tag along as the naive straight Gargoyles to Lex, Mike and the Bots
  2. X-Files: If you did so that Mulder, Scully and Matt were investigating something else (And not the Gargoyles) and have some of our heros tag along, it could work out!
  3. World of Darkness (O.K., Too obvious, especailly with Gargoyles :The Vigil avalable on the Net, but somebody had to say it!
  4. New York celebraties: How about a fanfic where the boys take Angela to a Ramones concert at CBGB's? Or how about one that just has Howard Stern get plagued by phone calls of Gargoyle sighters?
  5. Highlander: Mac's Scottish, The gargoyles are Scots(by birth). Throw in Macbeth (An immortal who's not an Immortal) and you could have one heck of a story! It wouldn't even have to be a "travellers" tale what with MacLeod getting around so much!

Daniel DiCenso