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Daniel's Top Ten List

Top Ten reasons why Gargoyles are better than Power Rangers

  1. The gargoyles enemies learn from their mistakes.
  2. The gargoyles don't need to use the same time filler every show. (morphing, zords, etc...).
  3. The gargoyles leader has a clear body and lips that actually move.
  4. The gargoyles don't need a new weapon every time something comes along that they can't handle instantly.
  5. The gargoyles' enemies are the one who get improved weaponry.
  6. The gargoyles have multiple enemies.
  7. The gargoyles' enemies' lackeys are highly intelligent.
  8. The gargoyles don't need two dips who serve no purpose to the show except to hopefully increase the size of the audience.
  9. The gargoyles solutions that fail are always more complicated than "putting the battery in upside down.
    and the number one reason the gargoyles are better than the Power Rangers is....
  10. You will never see the gargoyles fighting household items with arms and legs.

Daniel C