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Crystal's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things You'll Never See on Gargoyles

  1. Goliath or any of the other gargoyles (besides Hudson), wearing pants.
  2. Elisa wearing different clothes on a regular work day.
  3. Lex cursing after his computer breaks.
  4. Hudson cursing after his T.V. breaks.
  5. Talon cleaning himself like Cagney(Elisa's cat)
  6. Talon communicates with Cagney.
  7. Bronx begging for some one to take him "out"
  8. Broadway going on a shooting spree.
  9. One of the gargoyles accidentily glides into the window of a news building.
    and the number one thing is
  10. Any gargoyle accidentilly hits a building while gliding.

Top Ten Things Goliath Doesn't Want To Hear:

  1. Demona: I love you Goliath.
  2. Brooklyn: I just got back from the local biker bar.
  3. Elisa: I'm moving to Arizona.
  4. Angela: I'm going to live with Demona
  5. Xanatos: Goliath, will you babysit my son?
  6. Fang and Brooklyn: I love Angela
  7. Lex: Um...Goliath do you happen to have any money for this internet bill.
  8. Brooklyn and Angela: We're getting married!
  9. Angela: I'm pregnant!
    and the number one thing is:
  10. Elisa: Guess what? I'm getting married!

Crystal Rodriguez