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Crystal's Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Know if You've Watched too Many Gargoyles Episodes

  1. You run around the house snarling and growling on the week end starting on fridays and ends at 3:30 (Alaska Time of airing) Monday
  2. for 30 minutes a week, you are actually calm
  3. You wear an old towel around your shoulders because it makes a cool way to look like closed wings
  4. You and your friends have started a club for fans of the show, but you only meet on days when the show isn't on
  5. You could have earned a big amount of money Babysitting, but the parents didn't have a TV, and they would be gone before the show came on and come back at 5:00 (I would have made $50 for that job, because there were ten kids, I charge $5 per kid.)
  6. When you see an episode, you can say the lines with the characters, in sync, and to the same pitch and fluxation.
  7. All your pets are named after the Characters (Bronx! Come back here with my Hat!)
  8. Your purse is a gargoyles fanny pack, or your backpack has the logo on it
  9. The only way for your parents to really punish you is to take away the TV in the middle of the show
    and the number one way to tell you've seen too many of them...
  10. You have all of the toys out, and are on the waiting list at all the stores for the new ones not out yet.

Crystal Morgan