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Christian's Top Ten List

Top Ten Changes for the Gargoyles now That They're Living With Xanatos (again)

  1. Demona knows where to find them
  2. They could keep an eye on Owen/Puck when Xanatos goes out for the night
  3. Elisa's fridge is suddenly less full
  4. Fox giving "guy grabbing" tips to Angela
  5. Having to "housetrain" Bronx
  6. Observe as Broadway becomes a "living vacuum" in the new kitchen
  7. unlimited internet access for Lex
  8. "Fox, lass, can ye please stop his crying, I'm trying to watch "Letterman"
  9. Elisa will havve daily contact with Xanatos
    and the number one change for the gargoyles now that they they live with Xanatos is....
  10. "Goliath, can you please stop that roaring, Alex is TRYING to get to sleep

Cristian Alvernaz