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Chris's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things That Bug People About the Gargoyles Action Figures:

  1. Delays in shipping (but that can be expected from Kenner...)
  2. Where did that gun with the Steel Clan Robot come from?
  3. Where did ANY of the guns come from, for that matter?
  4. Why does Bronx have a hang-glider attatched?
  5. When did MacBeth EVER wear that outfit? (And, where is his cool Hunter mask?)
  6. Look at Xanatos' armor... can we say CREATIVE LICENSE?*g*
  7. There just aren't enough! (How about Owen, the Pack, the Wierding Sisters, and all the other cool villans?)
  8. When did Elisa Maza star in Judge Dredd?
  9. When can we get a NORMAL Goliath?
    and the number one problem with the Gargoyles action figures:
  10. Two words: Brooklyn's head.