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Chris's Top Ten List

Top Ten Gargoyles Scenes We'll Never See:

  1. The Gargoyles cleanly beat MacBeth or Demona--who were fighting fair at the time.
  2. The Wedding of Goliath and Elisa (or the honeymoon, for that matter!)
  3. A NYC Sanitation member comes across a huge pile of Gargoyle droppings.
  4. Owen winning a left-handed game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors."
  5. Window washer notices HUGE claw marks in the wall of a skyscraper--on the 20th floor.
  6. MacBeth, in a drunken stupor, tells his life story to a young William Shakespeare in a London pub.
  7. Demona and Angela have a tender "mother and daughter" moment.
  8. Arthur finds out that the Archmage was actually Merlin gone berserk.
  9. In her human form, Demona gives birth and MacBeth shares her pain.
  10. In a particularly brutal fight with Goliath, MacBeth gets kicked in the balls and Demona feels it.

Chris Ingersoll