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Carolyn's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See in a Gargoyles' Episodes (but probably won't)

  1. Demona using a weapon other than that ray gun of hers (she's a sorceress, isn't she?)
  2. Demona wearing a biker outfit (I mean, look at that hair)
  3. Goliath's clan taking fashion ideas from Thailog (he's a bad boy, but his threads are way cool)
  4. More female gargoyles who aren't dead, psycho, or in any way related to Goliath (really, now, just how many incarnations of Demona can we have? Isn't one enough?)
  5. Xanatos doing tax forms ("Let's see--I wonder if I can claim the Steel Clan as dependents?")
  6. Owen explaining that he has a twin brother named Preston Vogel (I'm telling you, that hair, those glasses, ... )
  7. Owen doubling over and laughing (or smiling, or dancing. Something)
  8. Xanatos seeing a shrink ("Doctor, please help me. My wife's a lycanthrope, I'm obsessed with death, and ... and ... and I don't think my father hugged me enough when I was little ..."
  9. Fox cursing Xanatos in the delivery room (making Xanatos even more paranoid about being a father)
    and the number one thing I'd like to see in a Gargoles' Episode:
  10. Elisa deciding to become a gargoyle. Permanently (hey, let Goliath get another mate. Doesn't he deserve someone after all those years?)

Carolyn Brickhouse