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Brother's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Rejected Names for Gargoyles:

  1. Harlem
  2. Bleeker
  3. Moisha
  4. Picard
  5. Staten Island
  6. Shlomo
  7. O'Connor
  8. Hefty
  9. Dopey
  10. Mickey

Top Ten Rejected Gargoyles Episodes

  1. The Weird Sisters Meet the Three Tenors
  2. Derek vs. the Mutant Fleas
  3. The Phoenix Gate Saga -- The Stonewall Years
  4. Encounter at Farpoint
  5. Elisa Undercover: Assignment - The Pink Pussycat Boutique
  6. Owen's Coming Out Party
  7. Broadway Meets Budweiser
  8. Brooklyn Buys a Bong
  9. Dr. Sevarius and the Phoenix Gate (aka "Time Warp")
  10. Why They Call Him Goliath

Top Ten Rejected Merchandising Ideas for Gargoyles

  1. Broadway Beer
  2. Mutate Brand Kitty Litter
  3. Fox's Home Pregnancy Test ("If the little dot turns to're pregnant!")
  4. The Shakespeare Audio Library, as read by John Rhys-Davies
  5. Demona's Tampons (with wings, and odor control)
  6. "Getting Away With Murder", by David Xanatos, with a Foreword by OJ Simpson.
  7. Owen's own Isotoner Glove (1 per box)
  8. Hudson's Canonical Teachings of the Gargoyle Way -- "The Code of the Clan"
  9. Elisa's Firearm Safety Kit
  10. Goliath Condoms

The Brothers Three